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SGA and Rescue Rangers

SGA and Rescue Rangers

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[18:14] guest-6012 entered the room
[18:14] guest-6017 entered the room
[18:15] guest-6017 changed nickname to noblesghost
[18:15] noblesghost: hehehe
[18:15] zipper: there you are
[18:16] zipper: hehe, it makes cooler sounds too
[18:16] noblesghost: Oh?
[18:16] zipper: bloop
[18:16] noblesghost: hehe
[18:17] zipper: can have webcams in here too
[18:17] guest-6012 changed nickname to not_a_secretary
[18:18] zipper: Oooo webcams and voice
[18:18] noblesghost: Oh I have to screw things up with using my writing name hehehe
[18:19] guest-6150 entered the room
[18:19] zipper: could change it if you want, right?
[18:19] zipper changed nickname to psychette10
[18:19] not_a_secretary changed nickname to docbadnews
[18:19] noblesghost changed nickname to gadget
[18:19] psychette10: tada
[18:19] gadget: hehe
[18:19] psychette10: ok back
[18:19] psychette10 changed nickname to zipper
[18:19] guest-6150 changed nickname to notekeepers
[18:20] docbadnews: hehe
[18:20] gadget: hehehe hey dale!
[18:20] zipper: *Zipper would like to tell everyone importantly that he made this chatroom his very own self*
[18:20] docbadnews changed nickname to doczelenka
[18:21] gadget: *Gadget huggles Zipper* It's because you're so smart!
[18:21] zipper: Zipper: *turning red and happy*
[18:21] doczelenka: Chip: Cause you made him, Gadget...
[18:22] gadget: *Blushes* Yeah, well... I made the AI simple so that he could evolve and learn.
[18:22] zipper: *zip doesn't like that word simple and is muttering unhappily about it*
[18:22] doczelenka: AAHAHHAA TONY IS SHAMELESS
[18:22] notekeepers: Dale:SO? Even I can do that
[18:23] zipper: Zipper: *snickering*
[18:23] doczelenka: Julie: he's asking if I have a BOYFRIEND
[18:23] guest-6270 entered the room
[18:23] gadget: You've already gone past my program Zipper. *Huggles the little orb*
[18:24] zipper: *Zipper isn't too sure about all this mothering, he's a big boy after all, begrudgingly letting himself be huggled*
[18:24] zipper: no idear who that guest person was
[18:24] notekeepers: Dale: *snort giggle*
[18:25] notekeepers changed nickname to dale
[18:25] gadget: ((Me either))
[18:25] doczelenka: Z: Mun's still stuck on Tony... http://community.livejournal.com/dear_mun/13916390.html
[18:25] zipper: *gives dale a slight static shock to his backside when he's not looking, then tries to look innocent*
[18:25] doczelenka: Chip: *snerks at Zip's actions*
[18:26] gadget: *Bites back a giggle*
[18:26] dale: *goes to pout in a corner*
[18:26] doczelenka: (ooh shouldn't Zipper be an acronym for something? easier would be plain Z.I.P)
[18:27] doczelenka: (and they all just call him variations on Zipper)
[18:27] zipper: Z would be hard to find a word for
[18:27] doczelenka: (true. I fail at life :P)
[18:27] zipper: (you do not)
[18:27] zipper: (no matter what Rodney says)
[18:28] gadget changed nickname to mira
[18:28] doczelenka: (Z: ... I only listen to him on special occasions. LIke when I'm on film)
[18:28] mira: Rodney's the one that phails at life
[18:28] zipper: (if the mun wasn't such a big rodney fan)
[18:29] zipper: (isn't Z like a mathamatical symbol for something?
[18:29] doczelenka: Mun's a big rodney fan too, but she loves me too
[18:29] mira: ((heeeeeeey I like him too, mira just has a problem with him since he kicked her out of the lab))
[18:29] zipper: (or chemical symbol?)
[18:29] doczelenka: (it's entirely possible)
[18:29] zipper: (Z could be the substance it's made of)
[18:29] doczelenka: (ooh cool)
[18:30] zipper: (Z - Independant - Positronic......
[18:30] mira: and the rest would be Intelegence Program
[18:30] zipper: I like that better
[18:30] mira: after all he'd be made to advance past his program.
[18:31] zipper: Independent Positronic Program Evolving Rapidly
[18:31] mira: hehehe
[18:31] zipper: I'll have to add that to his profile
[18:31] dale: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Z_(disambiguation)
[18:31] mira: *Nod nod*
[18:32] zipper: whatcha find Dale?
[18:32] mira changed nickname to gadget
[18:32] zipper: it won't let me click it for some reason
[18:33] dale: ...........I'm going to sleep now
[18:33] gadget: yeah it's late for you ain't it
[18:33] doczelenka: Z :*staples Dale to chat*
[18:34] zipper: lol
[18:34] zipper: Daniel: Better you than me
[18:34] zipper: I have to go give my kitty a.....
[18:34] zipper: b-a-t-h
[18:34] gadget: hehehehehe
[18:34] gadget: they like them?
[18:34] zipper: not in the least
[18:35] zipper: I have scratches on my back from last time
[18:35] gadget: Toes likes em
[18:35] gadget: if I don't shut the door all the way when I take one... he jumps into my bubble bath
[18:35] dale changed nickname to ronon
[18:35] zipper: yay ronon
[18:35] ronon: He's a sleep........ *pokes dale*
[18:35] gadget changed nickname to mira
[18:35] zipper: *gives a humming fanfare for ronon*
[18:36] mira: Rooooooooo I wanna go hunting, and since everyone else ie busy... *Beggy eyes*
[18:36] mira: is*
[18:36] zipper: *then goes to make spooky noises at Dale's bedside*
[18:36] ronon: Do I know you?
[18:37] mira: ... *Sighs* Story of my life.
[18:37] doczelenka: eh.. she's a friend of mine, in a way, Ronon
[18:37] ronon: Do I know you? *is pre atlantis hehe*
[18:37] zipper: lol
[18:38] mira: You the one that Reiko's been playing with?
[18:38] doczelenka: o.O oh... well..
[18:38] zipper: (still a runner?)
[18:38] doczelenka: (much lurve for pre-ATL Ro)
[18:38] mira: hehehe
[18:38] ronon: I know a Reiko, and a really annoying guy who is kind of......well......hm
[18:39] doczelenka: McKay?
[18:39] mira: That would be Rodney.
[18:39] zipper: Meridith *mun giggling*
[18:39] mira changed nickname to reiko
[18:39] reiko: I know I have too many pups in play
[18:40] zipper: hm, I wonder.....
[18:40] doczelenka: Mun: brb the water drop noise is making me swiiiiiiim......
[18:40] zipper changed nickname to mckay
[18:40] reiko: kk LOL
[18:41] mckay: aha, now our room isn't public anymore
[18:41] mckay: Because I fixed it
[18:42] reiko changed nickname to mira
[18:42] ronon: I'll fix you *holds gun*
[18:42] mckay: Hey?! What???
[18:42] mira: Oh great... *Eye roll*
[18:42] mira changed nickname to reiko
[18:42] reiko: *Steps between Rodney and Ronon holding her hands out.* Do not attack him.
[18:42] doczelenka: *sighs* Rodney, be careful, this is not the Ronon you know
[18:43] reiko: *Is so hoping her peaceful aura works
[18:44] guest-7121 entered the room
[18:44] guest-7121 changed nickname to zelenka
[18:44] reiko: ((And damn it... Zip and Anikin are so cute!
[18:45] ronon: *quietly to Reiko* Good thing I don't think he's that bad.
[18:45] mckay: What do you mean Ronon doesn't know me?
[18:45] zelenka: This one's from _before_ we met him.
[18:45] mckay: Have you been inside that one lab for too long? the one that smells like overdone cheese because of the microwave breaking?
[18:45] mckay: *facepalms* Terrific
[18:45] reiko: *Sigh of relief here, after all the druid ninja's shoulder's still messed up from helping Ro*
[18:46] ronon: *still quietly to Reiko* Do you know them?
[18:46] reiko: *Shakes her head* No, I don't.
[18:47] reiko: ((And Mira's fuming that she's not getting to play))
[18:47] mckay: So I have to fix some sort of time travel thing too, don't I? Why don't you tell me these things Radek??
[18:47] zelenka: .... *facepalms* Rodney. I haven't been in there _since_ you made that microwave explode.
[18:47] mckay: *points* That was NOT my fault...
[18:47] mckay: (oh my word, get him out of my head :S)
[18:48] zelenka: *points* YOU wanted a cheese sandwich and couldn't WAIT until lunch break!
[18:48] zelenka: (I'm so sorry, but he hasn't had a Rodney to argue with in a while)
[18:48] mckay: I have hypoglycemia! That's not my fault!
[18:48] reiko: Please both of you stop bickering. *Tries to shove her aura at them*
[18:48] mckay: (what does.....aura....shoving involve?)
[18:49] reiko: ((Feel free to ignore the druid. hehehe It would be a calming presence))
[18:49] zelenka: *it won't likely work as these two argue so much it's a part of them*
[18:49] mckay: (like that would work on Mckay pfft)
[18:49] ronon: ........You know my gun aimed at their heads would stop them arguing better
[18:49] zelenka: (*snerk*)
[18:49] mckay: Nonononono, I'm good, we're good. See? *gives Radek an awkward one armed hug to prove it*
[18:49] reiko: LOL))
[18:50] mckay: *grinning painfully* Best of...friends....yes.....
[18:50] zelenka: *begrudgingly .... returns the hug* Yes..
[18:50] mckay: ............ok, that's enough hugging *lets go right away*
[18:50] ronon: Reiko, can I shoot that one in the leg? *points to McKay*
[18:50] zelenka: *also lets go quickly*
[18:51] mckay: *aghast* No you may not! I like my leg! Both of them in fact
[18:51] mckay: Why must you shoot everything anyway???
[18:51] zelenka: ... just don't upset the Runner, Rodney.
[18:51] mckay: He started it
[18:51] reiko: No. if they're not those things you were telling me about don't hurt them. *Looks deadly serious*
[18:51] zelenka: Just because HE started it does not mean you need to CONTINUE it...
[18:52] mckay: what? what things? what have you been talking about?? I demand to know
[18:52] ronon: I need to go kill some wraith
[18:52] zelenka: ... Rodney, who do you think Ronon would be talking about...
[18:52] zelenka: (thurr ya go, wraith...)
[18:52] mckay: (*giggling*)
[18:52] reiko: He said they were wraith, but that they had no fear of crossing running water *Is so used to mythicals*
[18:53] zelenka: There are several lines they are not afraid of crossing...
[18:53] mckay: Ohh wraith, why didn't you say so? Sure, shoot at them, not me
[18:53] zelenka: ...
[18:53] zelenka: this is why I am perfectly happy working in labs on the City.
[18:53] mckay: what?
[18:53] reiko: ((And mira's screaming at them not to shoot Michael she likes him!))
[18:53] zelenka: (heh)
[18:54] ronon changed nickname to dale
[18:54] mckay: Oh what was wrong with the away mission with the kids, they loved you Radek
[18:54] dale: *still snoring*
[18:54] zelenka: *internally, he fumes, externally.... he fumes*
[18:54] mckay: lol
[18:54] mckay: (sorry, that was the mun)
[18:54] dale changed nickname to ronon
[18:54] zelenka: (gotcha)
[18:55] ronon: *returns with dead wraith*
[18:55] mckay: Ew...you didn't have to bring it back\
[18:55] ronon: Going to clean it off to make a new knife.
[18:55] reiko: *Steps back looking like she's going to get sick now*
[18:56] mckay: *looking a bit green too*
[18:56] mckay: are you....sure it's dead?
[18:56] zelenka: *not quite as green as mcKay but ... close.*
[18:56] ronon: Why are you all looking sick? *pokes it* See dead *watches it twitch* Mostly
[18:56] mckay: *two green scientists*
[18:57] mckay: *screams unwillingly like a little girl when it twitches, darting into the next room*
[18:57] reiko: *Stays back* It's dead. Only life I feel is us and Ronon. (Though she's never felt a wraith before so it could sti
[18:58] zelenka: (omg why am I playing Z so calmly? he was jumpy mc-jumperson on "Duet"... oh well, maybe he's jaded)
[18:58] zelenka: (five years in space will do that....)
[18:59] reiko: ((huh oh... Mira's hunting for something...))
[18:59] mckay: (maybe I should have made it like this)
[18:59] mckay: *screams like a little girl, holding onto Zelenka*
[18:59] reiko: ((LOL))
[18:59] zelenka: (hehehe)
[19:00] ronon: Those two together?
[19:00] reiko: ((oh gods... she's wanting a pet....))
[19:00] mckay: No! Goodness no! *shoves Zelenka away*
[19:00] zelenka: *shakes off McKay's hand* No... At least not in this verse with this Rodney...
[19:01] mckay: .....I'm going to stand over here.....*in the corner with no dead peoples or zelenka*
[19:01] ronon: You sure? You make a good couple
[19:01] mckay: *NOW he's really sick*
[19:01] mckay: that's worse than kissing Beckett
[19:01] zelenka: Yes, Ronon. we're not together.
[19:02] mckay: thank you
[19:02] zelenka: Mun: Though they bicker like an old married couple all the time...
[19:02] zelenka: *siiiidelong glance at his mun* shush.
[19:02] mckay: *high annoying voice* why would you even THINK such a thing? why don't you go back to your half dead wraith torturing or whatever it is you do with wraith....after you kill them....
[19:02] ronon: Ronon: My parents argued like you two
[19:02] mckay: *that sentence started out better than it ended*
[19:04] reiko: mira..... http://community.livejournal.com/sixwordstories/28672251.html
[19:05] mckay: eep, what are THOSE??
[19:05] reiko: Mira: Aren't they cute?
[19:05] zelenka: (heeee)
[19:05] mckay: No
[19:05] mckay: Not even remotely\
[19:05] reiko: ((Yes I'm trying to see who bites))
[19:05] zelenka: There might be something in the database
[19:05] mckay: what if they're poisonous? have you had them checked yet?
[19:06] mckay: what if they start flying and biting people and people start dying *paranoid mckay kicking in here*
[19:06] reiko: Mira: They're not poisonous. Chilll McKay, they're harmless (Until they start doing the tribble thing)
[19:06] mckay: that would be REAL cute, wouldn't it?
[19:06] zelenka: *siiiigh*
[19:07] mckay: and if you compare them to pigeons.... *dangerous pointing finger...of pointing!*
[19:07] reiko: Mira: They're not as cute as TP, but TP's Casrson's
[19:07] reiko: Carson*
[19:07] zelenka: THey're not pigeons, Rodney. By any means.
[19:08] zelenka: Pigeons are useful. Those things are just cute.
[19:08] reiko: Mira: I'll take care of them you won't even see them again Rodney. *Raspberries him wishing she had her cirtus gum
[19:08] reiko: And I can spell really!
[19:08] zelenka: *mun nudges Z's citrus-laced squirt bottle towards Mira*
[19:08] mckay: *jaw on floor at Z* Not you too??
[19:09] reiko changed nickname to mira
[19:09] mckay: cute things are the most dangerous
[19:09] zelenka: Mun: Then you should watch out for Zelenka, yes, Rodney?
[19:09] mckay: You think you're all safe and right when your back is turned, BAM! they jump you and rip out your insides
[19:09] mira: Ooh! Thank you Z *hugs him, snatches up the bottle and moves to her work station putting down the cage.*
[19:10] mckay: Radek? Radek isn't cute....
[19:10] zelenka: *indignant* well my mun thinks I am.
[19:10] mckay: Although...when you had your hair braided eeeeeehhhhh, maybe
[19:10] ronon: The girl at the lake is pretty cute.......
[19:10] zelenka: *squiiiiints at Rodney* those were extenuating circumstances.
[19:11] mckay: so, ergo, 99.99% of the time, you are not in fact cute
[19:11] mckay: (what girl?)
[19:11] ronon: http://community.livejournal.com/sixwordstories/28668491.html
[19:11] mckay: (d'awwww)
[19:11] zelenka: (aaahhh kellermun)
[19:12] mckay: Why can we never get you to wear more clothes??
[19:13] ronon: .................I'm hot?
[19:13] zelenka: mun: because Ronon's actor is supposedly very pretty to look at nekkid.
[19:13] mckay: get a personal fan or something
[19:13] mckay: you make the rest of us look bad
[19:14] ronon: I have a personal fan *motions to the mun*
[19:14] mira: Ronon's pretty to look at anyway.... (May ro not be mun talking)
[19:14] ronon: *also motions to Dale*
[19:14] mckay: (lol touche)
[19:15] mckay: gdfskdjfs'ag
[19:15] mckay: gfdfbv
[19:15] mckay: rebgnb
[19:15] zelenka: heh
[19:15] mckay: *shooing cat*
[19:15] mira: LOL
[19:15] mckay: *either that or mckay having spontaneous spaz attack*
[19:16] mira: Spaz attack!
[19:16] zelenka: *took it as such, but understand the kitty*
[19:16] mckay: *well if it's mckay, usually he ends up on the floor afterwards*
[19:16] mckay: *thump!*
[19:16] mira: *Shauri looks worried then sees it's not Daniel*
[19:17] ronon: ..............You people are strange.....
[19:17] ronon changed nickname to g
[19:17] mckay: *would protest, but he's a bit unconscious right now*
[19:17] mckay: G?
[19:18] mira: NCIS LA
[19:18] zelenka: ... *leaves McKay to himself, but keeps an eye on him just in case*
[19:18] mckay: (this chat brought to you by the letter G)
[19:18] g: Shhhh don't tell everyone!!
[19:18] zelenka: (hee)
[19:18] mckay: (ahhh ok, haven't seen any of them yet)
[19:18] mckay: *stirs and groans*
[19:18] g changed nickname to dale
[19:19] dale: *still asleep while mun groans at pile of emails*
[19:19] zelenka: What is this, only one muse conscious at a time?
[19:19] mckay: lol
[19:19] zelenka: *unconcious
[19:19] mckay: yes, and to switch, one gets a hammer to the head
[19:21] mckay: ok I need to do stuff
[19:22] mckay: *whines* and I'm hungry
[19:22] zelenka: You always are...
[19:22] mckay: I am not, I just realized it now
[19:22] mira: heheh
[19:22] mckay: (mun is hungry too)
[19:22] zelenka: (as is this mun)
[19:22] mckay: (lunch break!)
[19:23] zelenka: (and it's only almost 4:30...)
[19:23] mckay: *cough7:30*
[19:23] mira: 7.30 here
[19:23] mira: hehehehe
[19:23] mckay: anyhoo, we should all take a break
[19:23] mckay: it was fun!
[19:23] mckay: *sends west coaster a philly cheesesteak*
[19:23] zelenka: mmmmmmmmm
[19:23] mira: Mira: Yeah we has teh cool daniel and ain't givin him back muahahahahaha
[19:23] mckay: better eat it before mckay grabs it
[19:23] zelenka: hehehe
[19:24] zelenka: *grabs teh Filly Cheeesesteak and damn my spelling to hell*
[19:24] mckay: lol
[19:24] zelenka: *typing really... :P
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